We’ve gathered some of our most asked questions to help you learn more about our tests.

What is the best way to print my reports?

To print charts and results from our application ,we recommend installing and using the FREE FireShot lite browser add-on. FireShot is available from https://getfireshot.com/ for all the major web browsers.You do not need the PRO version which is a paid add-on.

You can find specific installation instructions for installing browser add-ons here:

Once the add-on for your browser is installed, printing test results is easy. To do so, you can click on the new FireShot icon that was installed or you can use the keyboard shortcut: Command+Shift+Y on the Mac or Control+Shift+Y on a PC.

Once you launch FireShot simply select capture entire page. Once the add-on works its magic, you will be given the option to print, or to save an image or PDF — both are suitable for printing or saving your results.

What do I do if I lost my password?

Proceed to the login page and then click the forgot password link. Type in your username and an email reminder will be sent to the admin’s email account. For further questions please call 410-321-6165.

Is there a way to speed up data entry?
There are two ways to enter item values. You can use the drop down box for each item value. The other method is to go to the first item box and click the mouse to reveal the values in the drop down box. Enter the correct value for item 1 from the keyboard, not the mouse, then hit the tab key again. You will automatically be sent to the next item box. Enter the correct value from the keyboard and hit the tab key again. Continue this method until you have completed the data entry for the specific test or domain.
What do I do about missing responses on Derogatis tests?

The scoring program will adjust for missing data. There are some general rules that each scoring program follows. If too many items are missing in certain sections an information message will inform you that your tests is not valid. For more info on scoring rules please contact us at [email protected]

How Do I Send an Online Test to my Client via Email

Clinician would use their customer login to access their Derogatis Testing Account.  The tests that they ordered will be seen on the Available Test List…  Before the test is assigned to their client, they would send the 4-digit Security Pin of their choice, to their patient or client via email, text, or phone, informing them that they would need to enter the pin in the box available to them at the beginning of the assessment process.  Once this is done, the clinician clicks on the Assign button, completes the demographic information, and Submits the Online test to the client’s email address.  Client will complete the assessment and click on the Submit button on the last page.  Clinician will be notified by email that there is an Assessment is now available. There is a link on this email, View Results.  Click on this link and the Report will be available to print and also will appear on their Derogatis Test Account.

How do I Access My Tests Scoring Account?

Login from the Homepage.  You will be taken to you website scoring account.